Allow me to introduce myself…. I’m a mom. A mom of two. Two kids I had at the same time. Ha! Why would I make the same mistake twice. I live a very funny eventful heartbreaking life. Anyway, I plan to use this as my platform to talk about my mommying, good and bad decisions, funny stories and my hidden pain.

Let me tell you this was hard. As I sit here with the kids in my queen sized bed (when they have their own) with hair oil running down my neck because in my mind I think dousing my head with 8 different oils will help my dry ass scalp….. it still itches mind you! I have written and erased my first 4+ blogs that took me an hr or so to write each. I could not decide:

*If I should tell you about my therapy sessions I stopped going to but surely need to go back. I need help yo!

*How I hate mothering 73% of time because I don’t think I’m doing it right.

*My latest funniest story that is far from normal or damn near unbelievable. You usually had to be there for it.

*How I want to fight my son… like legit want to buck at him. He’s under the age 10 lol.

*The men I have loved and left broken hearted…. it’s only been 2…. ok maybe 3. I’m still in love with one.

*My abusive relationship and rising from the “still I rise” ashes

*Stories that prove I am truly my zodiac sign.

*How I really want to go to a sex class where they provide men or women to give me the orgasm I have never experienced in life #bucketlist…..JK. No I’m deadass

Nonetheless when I pinpoint my storyline I look forward to my personal sessions that I can share but right now I have to go. My robe collar is soaked in oil and grease. Ish is ridiculous!


  • Literally laughed out loud. My scalp is equally on fire. So what are the 8 oils you’re using? Asking for a friend.


  • I wanna know about the heartbreak, the zodiac sign and the sex class! I’m here for it all!


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