Social Media…the Best Worst Invention, Ever.

What I hate most about social media…is that you can create and fabricate any version of yourself you want. Fabricate…edit…same difference. I hate when I scroll and see what’s referred to as a “baddie” I subconsciously compare myself, then remember I don’t have the money nor the photo retouch skills to look like that. LOL

Then I think about how these women have created a culture of thirst trappin and it just makes me tired. The over thinking involved when posting a photo – the angle, the filter, the outfit, the makeup, the background… IT GETS ON MY NERVES. Then, when you have a man or still on the hunt for your king (keep those of us lifted in prayer), you already feel like you’re starting from behind because you look real regular compared to the IG models and girls who curate every single picture. It’s like DAMN. CAN US REGULAR GIRLS CATCH A BREAK, SHIT. It’s selfish, truly. LOL

Sometimes I wish the IG models with the perfect cleavage and hip ratio would just give us regular girls A MONTH to shine. Just take a break. Give us an opportunity to catch up. It’s even more annoying because they have completely skewed the reality of women for men, who’s simple minds can’t wrap around the fact that real women DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT. Hell, THOSE women don’t even look like that. Strip them of the bundles, the make-up, some of the cosmetic work and the cute outfit…then tell me what they look like.

I am patiently waiting for the rise of the simple, home grown, natural beauties who pride themselves on not wearing much make-up, could care less about a filter and post to simply share their real-life moments. Social media is so frustrating sometimes. But let me tell you something else, that mute feature is a gem chile. A GEM. 

In conclusion, IG models…us natural beauties who bask in simplicity are coming for you. Stay ready. 

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